ABC Environmental Laboratories has acquired Microbac Laboratories, Inc., Southern California Division. Now it is A&R Laboratories. With state of art instruments, expanded capacity and 2 mobile labs, A&R Laboratories is committed to serving customers with high quality, fast turnaround time, timely data delivery, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week services and competitive pricing to meet your budget. The staff at A&R Laboratories looks forward to serving you.
To contact us, please call (951)779-0310 or email: arlab@arlaboratories.com.

ABC Environmental Laboratories have provided comprehensive environmental laboratory services to government, state and local agencies since 2003. ABC Environmental Laboratories are committed to offer our clients with flexible and cost-effective analytical services. ABC Environmental Laboratory has been certified by DHS of California State, ELAP#2584. Our lab has also been evaluated and audited by the governmental agencies and private-sector clients periodically. AAA high analytical quality is our top priority. All analytical data at ABC Environmental Laboratory are precisely performed, accurately presented, scientifically valid and legally defensible. ABC Environmental Laboratory has great experiences doing analyses for many projects, including Edward Air Force Base, Palm Spring Airport, Camp Pendleton, Fire Stations, U-Haul wells Monitoring......Please "check us out" by asking us for references.